2000 AD
(Gongyuan 2000 nian) (2000)
Directed by Gordon Chan

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When his brother Greg is murdered, Peter Li (Aaron Kwok), an irresponsible Hong Kong businessman, sets out, together with his girlfriend and her brother, to find out who killed him and why. Peter and his friends soon meet up with Greg's mysterious fiancée, Salina (Phyllis Quek), and with a deadly villain who likes wearing cowboy shirts and who has stolen a computer program that, he hopes, will make him a rich man.

Gordon Chan's 2000 AD is a relatively well made but often amorphous and dull film.

There is, in fact, little I can say about the movie. The action sequences, most of which consist of gun battles, are infrequent, occasionally poorly choreographed, and, except for that with which the film ends, not especially exciting. Both the heroes and the villains are forgettable nonentities. The acting is competent, although never impressive, and the story is so vaguely related that it is never able to engage the viewer. Without likeable protagonists, an intriguing villain, or a captivating narrative, a large part of the film is very slow moving.

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Despite its shortcomings, 2000 AD is never actually particularly bad. In fact, compared to many other action movies that have been made in Hong Kong, it is an accomplished production. It may lack the non-stop excitement and wonderful vivacity that animate many of those otherwise inferior works, but it still has a number of enjoyable moments that are nicely brought to life. For instance, while none of the action sequences are absolutely enthralling, and several are somewhat clumsily presented, the extended fight with which the film concludes is well executed. In the movie's final half hour, the viewer is thus treated to the sight of a brawl on the roof of a hotel, a car chase through the streets of Singapore, and a gun fight in a crowded convention center.


Sadly, such virtues do not compensate for the movie's lethargic plot and uninvolving characters. While 2000 AD is never terrible, it is never enthralling either.

Review by Keith Allen

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