The Accidental Spy
(Dak miu mai shing) (2001)
Directed by Teddy Chan

Artistic Value: * *
Entertainment Value: * * *


Buck (Jackie Chan) is a salesman who, having foiled a robbery, learns from government officials that his long lost father has left him a secret inheritance. In order to retrieve this legacy, Buck travels to Turkey and there becomes embroiled in a series of adventures in which he is pitted against a ruthless and powerful drug dealer.

Teddy Chan's The Accidental Spy is a silly but enjoyable and exciting film.

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There really is very little in the movie that is either particularly good or particularly bad. Jackie Chan, the film's star, plays essentially the same character he does in virtually every other movie he has made but is, as always, likeable and entertaining to watch. The film's production values are decent. The story it tells is fun, if somewhat arbitrary, and its numerous action sequences are consistently exhilarating. Chan's naked fight in a bazaar, which provides the viewer with the requisite glimpse of the actor's backside, is especially well realized.

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The viewer expecting a coherent plot or subtle characterizations is bound to be disappointed by The Accidental Spy, but anyone looking for a typical Jackie Chan action film should find the movie a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Review by Keith Allen

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