Analyze That (2002)
Directed by Harold Ramis

Artistic & Entertainment Value
* * *


Analyze That, Harold Ramis' sequel to Analyze This, is, like its predecessor, a remarkably mediocre film.

After his release from prison, Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro), a former mob boss, comes to stay in the house of his psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) and quickly disrupts the latter's life, just as he did before.

As was the case with Analyze This, I cannot think of anything particularly positive or particularly negative to say about Analyze That. The acting and writing are both competent. The production values are fine, and the movie is never boring. On the other hand, I was not impressed by the performance of any actor. I never laughed at the humorous incidents of the film, and I was never moved by the beauty of the sets, costumes, staging, or cinematography. Distinguished neither by being bad or good, Analyze That is, ultimately, a forgettable if competently made film. Like its predecessor, it is a perfect example of mediocrity.

Review by Keith Allen

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