Analyze This (1999)
Directed by Harold Ramis

Artistic & Entertainment Value
* * *


Harold Ramis' Analyze This is a remarkably mediocre film.

A psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) takes on a new patient (Robert De Niro) who happens to be a mob boss and who quickly disrupts his analyst's life.

I cannot think of anything particularly negative to say about Analyze This, nor can I think of much for which I can praise it. The acting and writing are both competent. The production values are fine, and the movie is never boring. On the other hand, I was not impressed by the performance of any actor. I never laughed at the humorous incidents of the film, and I was never moved by the beauty of the sets, costumes, staging, or cinematography. Distinguished neither by being bad or good, Analyze This is, ultimately, a forgettable if competently made film. It is a perfect example of mediocrity.

Review by Keith Allen

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