The Astral Factor
(Invisible Strangler) (1976)
Directed by John Florea

Artistic & Entertainment Value
* ½


A man convicted of murdering his celebrity mother, and several other women he confused with her, learns how to make himself invisible, escapes from prison, and begins to kill more famous women.

The Astral Factor is a dull, poorly made film reminiscent of a low budget television program. The script is silly. The acting ranges from mediocre to embarrassing. The production values are low. The special effects are roughly equal to what a teenager could do with a video camera, and the cinematography is utterly uninspired.

There are some bad films that are entertaining because they are so ineptly made, but The Astral Factor is just tedious, plodding, and lethargic. The scenes in which the invisible strangler recalls his mother and her lack of love for him are sufficiently overdone and sophomoric that they are entertaining, as is the wonderfully stupid and tacky dance performance shown while he kills one of his victims, but these brief amusing moments are hardly sufficient to make the film worth seeing. The Astral Factor is so dull and monotonous there is little more I can say about it, except that it is best avoided.

Review by Keith Allen

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