Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues (1985)
Directed by Charles B. Pierce

Artistic Value: * ½
Entertainment Value: * * ½

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When Professor Brian C. Lockart (Charles B. Pierce), who is better known as "Doc," receives news that the legendary Boggy Creek Monster has been sighted in the swamps of Southern Arkansas, he, two of his students, Tim (Chuck Pierce) and Tanya (Serene Hedin), and the latter's friend, Leslie (Cindy Butler), set out to investigate.

Charles B. Pierce's Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues is one of those rare movies that is so ineptly made that its faults actually make it somewhat entertaining.

The film really is atrocious. For one thing, the story the director tells is filled with one absurdity after another. "Doc," though supposedly a scientist interested in documenting the existence of the Boggy Creek Monster, does not bother to take photographic or video equipment into the swamp with him, and, when he encounters the monster, he is usually more interested in scaring it away than looking at it. What is more, the same character's narration of the events of the film is both wonderfully hammy and enlivened by laughably vacuous attempts at profundity. The movie has more faults than these, however. The hero's two female students are painfully inept at everything they do, and, despite the near absence of a coherent narrative, Boggy Creek II has more plot holes than the viewer will be able to keep track of.

Actually, most of the film is focused not on the search for the creature but either on tangential incidents or on Doc's retellings of other people's encounters with the monster. Both of these, fortunately, are dreadful, embarrassing fun. In one of the former, for instance, the viewer gets to see the protagonists trapped in an abandoned house by a rabid dog, which they eventually gun down. Of course, the dog is obviously still alive after it has been shot. In one of the latter, the viewer is treated to the chance to see the beast, which is clearly a man in a gorilla suit, attack a hillbilly who is ogling pictures of lingerie clad women in a Sears catalogue while sitting in his outhouse. As silly as this scenario is, Pierce actually makes it, and the movie's other narrated sequences, even goofier by using blurred images and echoing soundtracks. How clever.

Lastly, I have to note that the acting in the film is truly abysmal. Charles B. Pierce suffuses his every word and gesture with that sense of self-importance so many unimportant men have and is, as a result, often simultaneously annoying and amusing to watch. His young companions, regrettably, are complete nonentities and have apparently been included only in order to provide the film with a tiny amount of sex appeal. Chuck Pierce thus consistently wanders around without a shirt, and Cindy Butler and Serene Hedin wear hot pants so short they barely avoid exposing themselves. Jimmy Clem, who shows up as Boggy Creek II is approaching its conclusion, is, however, genuinely entertaining. While he may not be in the movie long enough to redeem it, Clem's portrayal of a wildly rustic hillbilly, who wears a pair of overalls and no shirt, so that his fat, hairy torso is prominently displayed, is invariably hilarious.

The viewer may not be impressed by Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues, but, if he is able to appreciate incompetent film making, he may well enjoy watching it.

Review by Keith Allen

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