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By Keith Allen

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More J-Pop
15 November, 2008

The time has again come to share my appreciation of the wild and wonderful world of J-Pop with others. So here is a selection of songs performed by popular musicians from Japan. I've tried to provide a variety of sounds, from Nanase Aikawa's hard edginess, to Judy and Mary's delightful post-punk quirkiness, to Coconuts Musume's upbeat silliness. I was hoping to include some of the songs Yuki Isoya (the leader singer of Judy and Mary) has done with Kate Pierson of the B-52's, but I couldn't find any of them. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy what I have included.

"Music Fighter" by Judy and Mary

"Hello, Orange Sunshine" by Judy and Mary

"Cheese Pizza" by Judy and Mary

"Cosmic Love" by Nanase Aikawa

"Dandelion" by Nanase Aikawa

"Owarinai Yume" by Nanase Aikawa

"Koigokoro" by Nanase Aikawa

"The Starry Sky" by Hal

"Feel My Heart" by Every Little Thing

"Future World" by Every Little Thing

"Necessary" by Every Little Thing

"Tokonatsu Musume" by Coconuts Musume

"Watashi mo (I Love You)" by Coconuts Musume

By Keith Allen

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