The Medallion (2003)
Directed by Gordon Chan

Artistic Value: * *
Entertainment Value: * * *

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Gordon Chan's The Medallion revolves around the scheme of a master criminal, Snakehead (played by Julian Sands in his usual sneering, overdone, and grating style), to obtain a medallion kept by a boy monk which is able to bestow immortality and superhuman powers. This insidious villain is, however, opposed by Eddie Yang (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong police officer, and by two British agents, Nicole James and Arthur Watson (Claire Forlani and Lee Evans). After Eddie is killed protecting the boy monk, the latter uses the medallion to revive him and grant him supernatural powers, with the help of which the policeman is able to continue his fight against Snakehead.

The Medallion is a little different from most of Jackie Chan's other films. The quality of the acting is usually better. The production values are generally higher. The plot is actually fairly cohesive. The action sequences, though never thrilling, are more technically complex and even include the use of wire work and other special effects. Nevertheless, even though the film surpasses many of Chan's other efforts in a variety of ways, it is no more entertaining than are most of those movies and is far less enjoyable than are his best works.


What is more, while it may be better made than are many of Chan's earlier films, The Medallion is, in fact, consistently mediocre. There really is very little in the movie for which it can either be praised or faulted. Admittedly, the characterization of Watson is inconsistent, the computer generated effects are less than inspired, and Sand's acting and fighting skills are not impressive, but compared with the flaws of most of Jackie Chan's films these problems are very minor.


Fans of Jackie Chan may not enjoy the film because it does stray from the actor's usual formulas in several ways, but it is no worse than a good number of his other films. The Medallion is an entertaining action movie made a little more enjoyable than most by Chan's likeable on screen presence.

Review by Keith Allen

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