A Little Fun with Morning Musume
By Keith Allen

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A Little Fun with Morning Musume
29 October, 2008

For the last half year or so, I have been exploring the wonderful world of J-Pop, Japanese popular music. It's a bright, sunny land of vibrant, bold colors, beautiful young people, and joyous energy. There, the adolescent posturing so commonly found among performers producing Western popular music (from which these persons seem unable to free themselves even when they have reached or passed middle age) is replaced with an appealing openness and eagerness. Instead of putting on airs, instead of trying to prove that they are great artists, and instead of providing apparently deep (but actually very shallow) messages, these Japanese performers simply enjoy themselves. They have a youthful freshness, a sensual decency, and a buoyant enthusiasm that can be nearly intoxicating. It gives to their music a poignant honesty and a thrilling electricity which make the hearer eager to laugh with delight and relish this world.

One of my favorite groups from Japan is Morning Musume, which is formed by a constantly changing lineup of young women. I will not claim that the members of the group are great musicians (they are not), but they are wonderfully entertaining. Here, then, is a selection of some of my favorite songs performed by Morning Musume.

Koi No Dance Site

Love Machine

Go Girl!

Happy Summer Wedding

Koi no Dance Site (alternate version)

Ai Araba. It's Alright.

Mr. Moonlight

I hope, my dear reader, you've enjoyed this little foray into the goofy, glorious, candy-colored land of Morning Musume.

By Keith Allen

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