Najica Blitz Tactics (2001)
Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima

Artistic Value: * * *
Entertainment Value: * * * *

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Sometime in the near future, humaritts, robots which have been designed to look like shapely young women but which have various fighting skills and superhuman abilities, are being manufactured by a secretive corporation. A number of these, however, have fallen into the wrong hands. In order to retrieve these missing robots, a very sexy secret agent named Najica Hiiragi and her humaritt partner, Lila, are sent on missions to different places around the globe, where they fight one deadly opponent after another.

While each episode of Katsuhiko Nishijima's twelve part animated television program Najica Blitz Tactics tells a separate, independent story, the series is so wonderfully racy and consistently exciting that its lack of structure does not prevent it from keeping the viewer's interest.

Perhaps the program's greatest appeal is its sexiness. Najica Blitz Tactics is deliciously naughty throughout, and almost every time a female character is depicted she is shown from an angle that allows her bosom, posterior, or crotch to fill most of the screen. There is, however, except for the odd pair of exposed breasts or buttocks, no nudity in the series, and its light-hearted voyeurism is concentrated on showing off the forms of its female characters as these are revealed beneath their clothing. The director is particularly interested in displaying his characters' panties. In fact, Najica Blitz Tactics contains more panties than most human beings will see elsewhere in a lifetime. Whether a character falls down, stands up, runs, bends over, or engages in any other activity, she almost invariably does so in such a way that she provides the viewer with a chance to ogle the lovingly and carefully delineated contours of her buttocks and genitals, which always seem to be struggling to burst out from underneath the tight panties in which they are confined. On those occasions when he is not showing off his characters' panties, Nishijima usually focuses on their breasts. The viewer is, consequently, able to enjoy at such times the sight of these jiggling merrily while their erect nipples bulge proudly below the tight and skimpy garments which barely conceal them.

Not only does the program revel in its innocently provocative sexuality, it is often genuinely exciting. The various well crafted adventures in which Najica and Lila become involved are filled with fights, intrigues, and numerous dangerous stunts. There is, as a result both of its nicely realized stories and its skilfully choreographed action sequences, hardly a moment of the series that is not engaging.

Moreover, the program's constant salacity contributes to the appeal and enjoyableness of such sequences so that not only are the adventures exhilarating they are also titillating. The viewer is given innumerable opportunities to watch Najica and Lila fight some sexy female opponent or another while one or all of them are dressed in bikinis, thongs, skin-tight wetsuits, bustiers, miniskirts, or the like, out of which the breasts, genitals, or buttocks of the characters involved threaten to leap with each kick, tumble, or jump.

Finally, I should note that the animation used in the series, although never stunning, is generally well done. There are occasional moments when it does deteriorate in quality, but these are relatively few and are never particularly distracting. The backgrounds are, admittedly, invariably pedestrian, and the character designs are never really memorable. Nevertheless, so much attention is given to the female characters' nubile, scantily garbed figures, which are always stimulating to look at, that the series is visually pleasing.

I cannot say that Najica Blitz Tactics is a particularly impressive program, but it is so light-hearted, silly, and suggestive that it is consistently entertaining.

Review by Keith Allen

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