Operation Condor (1991)
Directed by Frankie Chan and Jackie Chan

Artistic & Entertainment Value
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Synopsis & Analysis
Operation Condor is one of Jackie Chan's least entertaining films. The plot revolves around the efforts of Jackie (played by Jackie Chan) to recover a cache of gold hidden by the Nazis under the Sahara. The action sequences are entertaining, but the rest of the movie, which combines Indiana Jones type scenarios with puerile comedy, provides nothing but annoying lulls between those sequences. In fact, there is so much to annoy in the film, from the villains, to the tribesman, to Chan's female companions, that I could not really enjoy any of its good qualities. Jackie Chan, however, is his usual likeable self, and he does prove himself, once again, to be one of the greatest performers of action sequences to have worked in film.

Review by Keith Allen

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