Pink Angels (1971)
Directed by Larry G. Brown

Artistic Value: * ½
Entertainment Value: * * ½

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Though rough, unkempt, and unshaven, Michael (John Alderman) and the members of his motorcycle gang are, in fact, cross-dressing, flamboyant homosexuals. While on their way to a cotillion in Los Angeles, these individuals have a food fight at a roadside restaurant, get pulled over by a pair of rustic policemen, are propositioned by prostitutes, party with a heterosexual biker gang (even providing its members with the prostitutes they met earlier), go shopping for women's clothing, and run afoul of a secret right wing organization.

Larry G. Brown's Pink Angels is a somewhat off-kilter but consistently uninspired film. Actually, there really is not much to say about it.


The story consists of nothing more than a series of vignettes. Most of these are reasonably amusing, but not one of them is memorable. What is more, these incidents are separated by interminable stretches during which the heroes are shown driving their bikes along some country road or another.


Sadly, the director's attempts at comedy are about as successful as are his efforts to put together a narrative. He repeatedly reveals that his tough bikers are really effeminate homosexuals by having them prance about while making exaggerated feminine gestures and speaking various similarly overdone lines. At different times, the protagonists horrify a pair of caricatured rural highway patrolmen with their antics, play a prank on the members of another biker gang by tying ribbons in the hair of those men and painting their faces, and get themselves into or create various other ridiculous situations. Not one of these episodes is really funny, though most, being as dependent upon tired stereotypes as they all are, might amuse the viewer with their awfulness.


In fact, there is quite a bit that is bad in Pink Angels. The acting is invariably melodramatic and overwrought. The script is often painful to listen to. The pacing is atrocious. The list could go on.


I was reasonably entertained by Pink Angels, but I enjoyed watching it for its lack of redeeming qualities, not for its virtues.

Review by Keith Allen

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