Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom
(Kyofu joshikoko: boko rinchi kyoshitsu) (1973)
Directed by Norifumi Suzuki

Artistic Value: * * *
Entertainment Value: * * * *

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In a school for delinquent girls, a group of students, the Disciplinary Committee, works for the corrupt vice principle and helps him keep order, but its leader, Yoko, goes too far one time. She and her followers kill one of their fellow students. Shortly after this incident, the school receives three new transfer students, one of whom, Noriko (Miki Sugimoto), had been a friend of the murdered girl. She soon discovers that the Disciplinary Committee was responsible for the killing and sets out to get revenge.

Norifumi Suzuki's Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom is deliciously exploitative. It is a seething stew of complex intrigues, moments of sadistic violence, and countless naked female bodies. The movie is, however, more than just sleaze. It is actually visually well realized and is frequently exciting.


The film's savagery is fairly intense. Although Suzuki has included few action sequences, he does revel in his depictions of torture. In fact, Terrifying Girls' High School begins with the members of the Disciplinary Committee attempting to exsanguinate a fellow student. Admittedly, they do not succeed in doing so, since the girl manages to escape, but they are still able to knock her off the school's roof so that she plummets to her death. Later, when one of the committee's members betrays the others' confidence, they insert a hot light bulb in her vagina and force her to do push ups, warning her to be careful as she does them, since, if she is not, the bulb could burst inside of her body. In yet another sequence, the committee members hold a third girl's head under a spigot, making her drink huge quantities of water, and then, by refusing to allow her to use the toilet, cause her to wet herself dramatically in the middle of class. Even Noriko is not spared from being victimized. In one particularly vicious scene, she is stripped and electrocuted with wires attached to her pubic hair and to one of her breasts. The movie is genuinely brutal.

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Such violence is not the film's only lurid content. Suzuki has included quite a bit of nudity and sex. There is, for example, a scene showing one actress showering, and for much of its duration, the director keeps his camera focused on her breasts, which the woman manipulates energetically for the viewer's pleasure. The same actress later seduces another girl by getting into the toilet stall where this girl is urinating, sitting in her lap, and kissing and fondling her. The two go on to have a lengthy sexual encounter and happily rub their nipples together (which is shown in close up). There is more sex in the movie than just what is shown in this scene, though. Later on, Noriko and her friends seduce the school's elderly principle and take turns having intercourse with him so that they can record his cries and exclamations and, by playing these over the school's loudspeakers, get him dismissed. They even seduce the town's mayor, police chief, and other notables in order to take photographs of the ensuing orgy and blackmail the men.

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As lurid and sleazy as Terrifying Girls' High School undoubtedly is, it is not without merit. For one thing, its violent and sexual elements are effectively realized. The director has given his work a palpable viciousness and mixed this with a harsh sexuality. The effect is often intoxicating. What is more, the movie is beautifully filmed. Suzuki, by frequently zooming on his characters' faces or eyes, by painting his scenes with a variety of garish colors, and by making use of impressive staging, has crafted a work that is always appealing simply to look at. What is more, the movie is frequently exciting, always engaging, and sometimes even creates a sense of tension or disgust.

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Terrifying Girls' High School is a genuinely exploitative film, but it is a great deal of fun as well.


Review by Keith Allen

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